Parasol Cordon Bleu Photo

Clean the mushroom caps if necessary, but do not wash them. Whisk the egg in a soup plate, season with salt, pepper, soy sauce and nutmeg. Put the flour and… Read more

Dragons Parasol Mushrooms Baked Image

Remove the stems of the mushrooms, do not wash the caps, just brush them lightly, remove any needles or small insects from the lamellae. Whisk the eggs with cream, salt,… Read more

Parasol Spiegelei Image

Melt the butter in a frying pan. Place the mushroom head flat in the pan, cook and salt. Fry a fried egg from the egg and place it on the… Read more

Parasol in Double Pack Picture

Brush off the parasol hats (never wash them). Break the hats apart in the middle. Beat the egg and add seasoned salt and a little pepper. Pull the half hats… Read more

Parasol Baked in Batter Image

Remove the parasol from the stem, beat out the lamellae well, rub the upper part of the head with a damp cloth. Beat egg in a deep dish, add salt,… Read more

Parasol Cordon Bleu Photo

Parasol hats clean with a brush. Be careful with the lamellae, as they break quickly. Place the hats with the lamellae upwards on a board and season with salt, pepper… Read more

Parasol Mushroom Ragout Picture

Sauté parasol mushrooms cut into pieces, diced onions, diced bacon in heated butter, season with sea salt and cracked pepper (e.g. cubeb pepper), deglaze with broth, add wine, simmer until… Read more

Parasol Mushrooms in Cream Sauce Picture

Remove the stems from the mushrooms, clean the cap very well and check for bugs. I do not wash the mushrooms, just use a knife and vegetable brush to clean… Read more

Parasol Mushroom Burger Image

The onions are cut into rings and then sautéed in a little butter or frying oil (depending on taste) until soft. Now deglaze with a little soy sauce and put… Read more

Baked Parasol Photo

Get a nice parasol from the forest, screened. This is easy to determine with a mushroom book or even on the web. Remove the stalk from the umbrella and tap… Read more