Pistachios in Caramel Cream Photo

Prepare 2 packages of caramel pudding powder according to package directions with 1 liter of milk. Stir sugar, vanilla sugar, rum and 3 egg yolks additionally in the pudding mixture.… Read more

Honey Bananas with Pistachios Image

Wash and halve the lime.Cut 1 half into thin slices, squeeze the rest ( from the lemon cut 4 thin slices and squeeze the rest ). Peel bananas, cut in… Read more

Apricot Sorbet with Pistachios Image

Scald the apricots with hot water, skin, pit and cut into pieces – set aside some seeds. Crack the apricot kernels (like a nut) and add them to the water.… Read more

Apple Bread with Pistachios Apple Pie Photo

Mix the margarine and applesauce, add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until fluffy. Add the eggs one by one and mix. Mix the flour with the baking powder… Read more

Strawberry Jelly with Pistachios Photo

Bring currant juice with vanilla sugar and lemon zest to a boil, add gelatin and wine while juice is still warm, then let cool. Clean and wash the strawberries and… Read more

Saffron Mashed Potatoes with Pistachios Photo

Peel potatoes, cut into quarters and cook for about 20 minutes, depending on the variety, until tender. Drain and allow to steam on the turned off stove top. Toast the… Read more

Turkey Pie with Liver and Pistachios Picture

Defrost the puff pastry and line a loaf pan with it. Cut out 2 chimneys in the lid sheet. Otherwise, cut out various ornaments for the lid from the existing… Read more