Asparagus Casserole with Pretzels Image

Place asparagus spears side by side on a board and cut in half down the middle. Wrap each three half asparagus spears with a slice of roast. Place these parcels… Read more

Karlovy Vary Pretzels Photo

Quickly prepare a dough from the first 6 ingredients and let it rest for half an hour. Then make a thin roll, cut into 15 small pieces and form a… Read more

Chocolate Pretzels Picture

Heap the flour with sugar, finely chopped butter, almonds, cocoa powder and 1 egg on the work surface. Chop everything with a knife, then knead with your hands into a… Read more

Swabian Pretzels Picture

Knead a smooth, rather firm dough from flour, yeast, milk, butter and salt and divide into 10 pieces. Shape the pieces into round balls and let them rise under a… Read more

Spiced Pretzels Picture

Place the flour and spices in a work bowl. Put the butter in pieces on the edge of the flour. Sprinkle the sugar and salt on the flour. Slide the… Read more

Pretzels, Baked Picture

Defrost the pretzels, then shape them so that there is no hole in the center, like a round flat patty (shape each defrosted pretzel separately so that you have 8-10… Read more

Lenten Soup with Pretzels Photo

Put the dry pretzels whole in a pot, add the broth and simmer everything slowly with the butter. When the pretzels are soft, pass everything through a sieve, bring to… Read more

Crumbly Pretzels Image

Defrost the puff pastry at room temperature. Meanwhile, knead the flour with 1 egg yolk, the sugar and the butter. Wrap the short pastry in parchment paper and let it… Read more

Sweet Pretzels Picture

Sift the flour and baking powder onto a baking board. Sprinkle vanilla sugar and salt on top, put the sour cream in a well. Put the cold butter in flakes… Read more