Rice Cooked Thai Style Picture

Wash the rice in a sieve 3 – 4 times with fresh water until the water remains clear. Then add 1 1/2 times the amount of water, bring to a… Full Recipe

Rice, Simply Cooked Photo

Stick the two cloves into the onion half. Heat the oil in a shallow saucepan, fry the onion with the cloves briefly and add the (unwashed!) rice. Stir briefly until… Full Recipe

Leek Rice with Cooked Ham Picture

Clean and chop the leek and sauté in the butter for 3 min, then add the uncooked rice and sauté for another 3 min. Deglaze with broth and season with… Full Recipe

Rice Salad with Cooked Ham Photo

Cook the rice in salted water according to package instructions. Then drain and leave to cool. Clean the peppers and cut them into small pieces. Also cut the cooked ham… Full Recipe