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The first five ingredients are worked into a firm dough, rolled out and cut into finger-thick strips. Then brush them with egg yolk and sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds.… Read more

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Put flour in a bowl, crumble in yeast, add milk-water mixture, very soft fat and possibly baked malt, salt. Mix everything slowly, then knead well until the dough bubbles and… Read more

Salt Sticks Image

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Knead a dough from flour, butter, salt, sour cream, yeast, milk and sugar and let it rest in a cling film in the refrigerator… Read more

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For children (or not). Rub the salt off the salt sticks so that there is no more salt on them. Put the chocolate in a pan for a few minutes… Read more

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Cut salt sticks or pretzel rods (to taste, either will do!) in half lengthwise and hollow out. Cut the ham into small cubes. Beat the cream until stiff and gradually… Read more

Sourdough Salt Sticks Photo

First ‘dilute’ the sourdough with 1/8 l of water. Add the yeast, dissolve. Weigh the flour and press a ‘hollow’ into the flour. Pour the sourdough-yeast-water mixture into the well.… Read more

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Season the puff pastry all over with the pit salt and cut into strips about the width of a finger. Line a baking tray with baking paper and preheat the… Read more

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First, for the pre-dough, mix lukewarm milk with the crumbled yeast and mix with 5 tablespoons of flour. Let this pre-dough rise in the oven at 40 degrees for 30… Read more


Prepare a yeast dough from flour, salt, margarine, lard, milk and yeast, let rise for about 30 min. Roll out dough, roll out sticks and turn the two ends in… Read more