Savoy Cabbage Casserole Photo

Boil the whole savoy cabbage in salted water until the leaves separate. Fry the minced meat with diced onion, add salt and pepper. Stir in the tomato paste and add… Read more

Savoy Cabbage Stew Photo

Season the minced meat with salt and pepper. Finely dice the onion and fry with the minced meat. Peel and coarsely dice the potatoes and add. Stew a little with… Read more

Savoy Cabbage Rolls with Chanterelles Image

Briefly blanch the savoy cabbage leaves in plenty of boiling salted water, remove with a skimmer and briefly rinse in cold water, then drain. Clean the mushrooms, cut larger mushrooms… Read more

Wild Savoy Cabbage Pan with Potatoes Picture

Wash the potatoes well (preferably ‘Moorsieglinde’) and cook them in their skins. Allow to cool. Peel and finely dice the onion. Then peel the garlic and ginger and chop very… Read more

Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Savoy Cabbage Picture

Soak the porcini mushrooms in lukewarm water. Remove the outer dark green leaves from the savoy cabbage. Detach 8 beautiful, light green leaves and blanch in boiling salted water for… Read more

Savoy Cabbage Casserole Picture

Peel potatoes, cut into slices and pre-cook in boiling salted water for 5 – 7 min, drain. Clean savoy cabbage, wash and cut into strips. Pre-cook in boiling salted water… Read more

Savoy Cabbage Casserole Picture

Wash the potatoes and cook them in about 20 minutes. Soak the roll in water. Clean and wash the savoy cabbage. Remove 8 large leaves, blanch in boiling water for… Read more

Savoy Cabbage Rolls Picture

Clean the savoy cabbage, wash and place in boiling salted water. While doing so, gradually peel off about 16 outer leaves. Rinse and drain the leaves, cut the leaf veins… Read more