Curry Chicken with Soybean Sprouts Image

Sauté the chicken cutlets in sesame oil and let them color a bit. Then dust with curry powder (if you like it hotter, take 2 tsp hot curry powder) and… Read more

Soybean Sprouts with Cream Sauce Photo

The quantity is intended for 2 people as a side dish or for 1 person, for example, as a quick lunch. Put the washed sprouts, cream and bouillon cubes in… Read more

Minced Meat with Soybean Sprouts Photo

Cook the rice. Sauté onion in the margarine and add minced meat, fry through and while crumbling with the pan knife. Season with pepper and soy sauce. Drain and rinse… Read more

Teriyaki Chicken on Soybean Sprouts Image

For the marinade, bring soy sauce, oil, honey and rice wine or sherry to a boil and allow to cool slightly. Remove chicken breasts from the bone, rinse under cold… Read more

Minced Meat with Soybean Sprouts Image

Peel and finely dice onions. Place soybean sprouts in a sieve, rinse with cold water and drain well. Heat butter in a frying pan, sauté onions in it. Add the… Read more

Soybean Sprouts with Minced Meat Picture

Peel the onion, chop finely and fry until translucent in a hot pan. Then add the minced meat and fry. Now already once – according to taste and feeling –… Read more