Polynesian Stir Fry Noodle Pan Picture

Heat oil in wok and stir-fry pork for 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Add shrimp and stir-fry for another 5 minutes. Remove from wok and set aside. Brown onions… Read more

Chicken and Onion Cream Stir Fry Photo

Peel the onions and cut into rings. Pat the meat dry and cut into strips. Heat some oil in a pan, fry the onions in it, then add the meat… Read more

Bell Bell Pepper Tofu Stir Fry Image

Cut the peppers into fine strips. Halve the onion and cut into fine strips. Finely chop the scallions and garlic as well. Put on a wok, pour in the peanut… Read more

Whiskey Mushroom Stir Fry Image

Marinate the meat already one day before. To do this, cut the cutlets into thin strips. Peel the onions, cut into half rings and add to the meat. Also peel… Read more

Curry Coconut Stir Fry Picture

First, wash the peppers and cut them into fine strips. Wash the chicken breast fillet, pat dry and also cut into strips. Put the strips of meat in a bowl,… Read more

Vegan Shiitake Stir Fry Sauce Picture

Pour 200 ml of boiling water over the shiitake mushrooms and soak for 2 hours. Remove from the water and transfer 100 ml of the soaking water into a blender… Read more