Tomato Paste Butter Image

Let the butter soften at room temperature several hours before processing. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a mixer. Season to taste with herb salt… Full Recipe

Minced Meat with Pasta and Tomato Paste Picture

Cook pasta according to package directions and quench. Return cooked pasta to pot and mix in tomato paste, season with bell pepper, paprika powder and salt if desired. Put mixed… Full Recipe

Quick Olive and Tomato Paste Picture

Coarsely chop the pine nuts in a chopper, remove again. Coarsely chop the olives. Add the pine nuts back to the olives, tomatoes and oil as well, mix everything for… Full Recipe

Tomato Soup from Tomato Paste Photo

Finely dice the onion and sauté in a little oil until translucent. Add flour and sauté briefly. Add tomato paste, also sauté briefly (not too long or it will darken/bitter).… Full Recipe

Tomato Feta Walnut Paste Picture

Drain tomatoes well and puree in a blender together with feta cheese, walnuts, olive oil and a little salt. If you like it a little creamier, you can stir in… Full Recipe