Strawberry Lime with Vodka Image

Wash strawberries and cut into small pieces. Puree in a blender. Add vodka, lime juice and syrup and blend again briefly. Fill strawberry lime into bottles and store in a… Read more

Vodka Liqueur Photo

Put everything together in a sufficiently large container and stir properly. The liqueur has a beautiful beige – white color and is slightly thick. Fits perfectly to parties in autumn… Read more

Vodka Sauce with Pasta Picture

Sauté onion in butter, add ham in strips, deglaze with vodka. Add cream and tomatoes, simmer for 5 minutes. Finally, add parsley (generously! ), pepper and salt to taste. Enjoy… Read more

Daxis Strawberry Vodka Jam Picture

Wash the strawberries, remove the stalk and cut into quarters. Put them in a pot with the other ingredients (season carefully with the chili powder. Caution: boiling intensifies the spiciness… Read more

Vodka Spaghetti Image

Cook the pasta until al dente. Cut the ham into strips and the onion into rings, fry both briefly in hot oil. Add a shot of vodka and flambé. Cut… Read more

Pottkieckers Melon Vodka Picture

The melon flesh is diced medium fine and filled with the candy in a large light protection bottle. The amount of candy is approximate and depends on the ripeness of… Read more

Cranberrie Vodka Image

Pour the vodka and cranberries into a large bottle and add some candy. I recommend first a small amount, 3 – 5 pieces, if the cranberry vodka is not sweet… Read more

Vodka Punch Image

Take the fruit and add enough vodka until they are nicely under the liquid and leave this mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 day before enjoying. Add the other… Read more

Blue Ocean Cocktail with Vodka and Lime Image

Shake vodka, Blue Curaçao and lime juice on ice in a shaker. Pour through a sieve into the glass with ice cubes. Top up with tonic water, garnish as desired.

Vodka Tingle Shower Photo

Pour the vodka into a shot glass and add 1/2 bag of sherbet powder, stir and drink! I always use Frigeo’s Ahoy Effervescence, there are 10 bags in the package… Read more