Wash the meat. Quarter the onion. Clean the greens, cut into coarse pieces. Wash the tomato, score it crosswise. Wash the asparagus, peel, cut off woody ends, cut into diagonal… Read more

Old Marks Wedding Soup Image

Put the chicken in 2 l of water with salt and cleaned, diced greens and cook until done. Remove the chicken (it will then be reused for another dish as… Read more

Wedding Cake II Image

Beat the eggs and sugar until foamy, add the flour mixed with the baking powder. Then add the water. Put the dough on a greased baking tray and bake for… Read more

Old Marks Wedding Soup Photo

Boil beef and soup vegetables in water until done, then remove. In the meantime, whisk the 15 eggs with half a liter of milk and salt and bring to a… Read more

Wedding Gnocchi Photo

Peel the onion and cut into small cubes. Leave some fat in a pan and let the onions become transparent in it. Add fresh mushrooms cut into thin slices and… Read more

Wedding Cake Photo

For the first tier of the cake, divide the cake base 2 times to make 3 cake layers. For the second tier, either bake a smaller base (with a smaller… Read more

Waldviertel Wedding Doughnuts Picture

Knead all dough ingredients, roll out, cut out slices and bake at 180 ° for about 12 min. Put two slices each together with jam. Glaze with chocolate icing.

Schaumburg Wedding Soup Image

Cut soup vegetables and onion into small pieces (cubes). Put the pressure cooker on the stove. Boil water, soup vegetables, onion and the soup chicken in it for about 1… Read more

Danish Wedding Cake Photo

Orange- Passion fruit cream Boil down orange juice with sugar for about 50 minutes ( results in 600 ml orange syrup). Boil down cream to 1,25 L. Pass passion fruit… Read more

Mexican Wedding Cake Image

Beat the eggs with the sugar until foamy. Add flour, baking powder, pineapple and nuts and mix until smooth. Depending on your taste, add a few drops of vanilla flavoring… Read more