Spaghetti with Whipped Cream Photo

Finely dice the cooked ham, mix with the grated cheese, whipped cream, egg yolk and cayenne in a large bowl and set aside. Cook the spaghetti with a little salt… Full Recipe

Whipped Cream and Potato Soup Image

Peel and dice the potatoes. Wash the leek and cut into rings. Heat the oil with butter, sauté the leek in it. Add the potatoes and fry briefly. Deglaze with… Full Recipe

Gooseberry Pie with Egg Whipped Cream Photo

Make a yeast dough from the ingredients from flour to salt. Allow to rise. Topping: Prepare the custard powder as usual. Drain the jar of gooseberries ( save 1 cup… Full Recipe

Apple Whipped Cream Casserole Image

1. peel apple, remove core and cut into quarters. 2. put 2 quarter pieces to the side (for point 7) and grate the rest coarsely with a grater. 3. make… Full Recipe

Whipped Cream Cake Picture

Beat the cream. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until foamy, stir in flour with baking powder. Finally, fold in whipped cream. Pour into a mold and bake for about… Full Recipe

Whipped Cream Gugelhupf Image

Whip the whipping cream with 100 g sugar until stiff. Gradually stir in 5 egg yolks. Beat 5 egg whites with 150 g sugar until stiff. Add vanilla sugar if… Full Recipe

Fake Whipped Cream Photo

Pour the milk into a mixing bowl, add the Biobin (locust bean gum) and beat with a mixer for approx. 4 min. Then add sweetener and cinnamon or similar. The… Full Recipe