Almond Carrot Ginger Spread

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Total time: 35 min
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Prep time: 10 min
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Cook time: 25 min
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

1 pinch Sugar
6 tablespoons Olive oil
1 pinch Coriander
4 twigs Parsley
some Salt
1 Lemon juice of it
2 cloves Garlic
100 grams Almonds chopped or sliced
1 piece Ginger thumb-sized
4 Carrots

🍽 Instructions

Peel and dice the garlic and ginger. Peel and grate the carrots.

Wash and coarsely chop the parsley. Roast the almonds in a pan without fat, stirring constantly. As soon as they turn color, add garlic, ginger and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. After 2 minutes, stir in carrots, sugar, salt and coriander. Simmer over medium heat with the lid on for 3 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heat. In a bowl, combine the remaining olive oil, lemon juice and parsley and add the carrot mixture. Blend to a paste with the help of a blender stick.

📊 Nutrition Facts

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