Almond Nougat Cake

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Total time: 2 hours 35 min
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Prep time: 50 min
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Cook time: 45 min
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Rest time: 1 hour
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

150 grams Sugar
70 grams Marzipan (raw paste)
300 grams Butter or margarine
500 grams Flour
1 heaped teaspoons Orange - peel untreated thinly grated
1 pinch Salt
1 package Vanilla sugar
2 small Eggs
  Flour for the work surface and the cake roller
1 tablespoon Water
3 Egg yolk
600 grams Nougat
200 grams Almonds (almond flakes)
100 grams Cake glaze dark
200 grams Chocolate coating semi-sweet

🍽 Instructions

Sift the flour onto the work surface and press a hollow in the center.

Cut the butter or margarine and the marzipan paste into cubes and spread on the edge of the flour. Add the sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, eggs and lemon zest to the well. Roughly chop all the ingredients with a large knife and then knead with your hands to form a smooth dough. Form the dough into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap. Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, better overnight.

Roughly divide the shortcrust dough, knead again briefly and form into a thick roll. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

Divide the roll into six pieces, roll out each piece on the floured work surface to about 3 mm thick and as round as possible.

Wrap each piece of dough on the floured cake roll and unroll again on the baking sheet. Use the ring of a springform pan ( 26 cm Ø ) to cut out a bottom of each one. Whisk the egg yolks with the water, brush each bottom with it and sprinkle with flaked almonds.

Press the almonds down lightly. Bake the cake in the preheated oven (see below) on the 2nd shelf from the bottom until golden brown. After baking, pull the base with the baking paper onto a cooling rack and let cool.

Bake all six shortbread bases in this way, one after the other. Melt the nougat in a warm water bath. Spread each base with 3 tablespoons of soft nougat, then carefully place the next base on top. Spread the assembled cake with the remaining nougat all around and refrigerate for 1 hour. Roughly chop couverture and cake glaze and melt in a warm water bath.

Stir well. Place the cake on a cake rack and place a piece of aluminum foil underneath. Pour the chocolate glaze over the cake and spread evenly on the surface and around the edges. Chill for at least 1 hour until ready to serve – in the refrigerator for no more than 1 hour, otherwise the nougat will become too firm.

In a cool place (e.g. cellar) the cake will stay fresh for a week. Electric stove: 200°C gas stove: level 3 convection oven: 175°C Baking time: approx. 8 – 10 minutes per base/ with convection oven 10 – 12 minutes for 2 – 3 bases each

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