Angels Red Cabbage with Turkey Leg Mandarin

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Total time: 5 hours 30 min
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Prep time: 30 min
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Rest time: 5 hours
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Enough for 4 people

🍓 Ingredients

1 large Orange
3 slices Pineapple
1 head Red cabbage
1 large Apple (Granny Smith)
some Broth
1 shot Wine red
1 tablespoon Cranberries
  Salt and pepper
1 pinch Cumin powder
1 large Onion diced
some Flour handy
some Lard
1 tablespoon Sugar
2 large Apples (Granny Smith)
8 small Shallots
2 large Legs (turkey legs)
  Salt and pepper
2 large Tangerines
some Broth
some Cornstarch
1 twig Rosemary

🍽 Instructions

Cut the red cabbage into fine noodles. Squeeze the orange, cut the pineapple into fine strips.

Peel the apple and grate finely. Mix everything well, add salt, pepper, cumin, to taste and let it stand for about 12 hours. (It is also suitable for raw vegetables). Fry the onion in lard, caramelize with sugar and deglaze with red wine. Add the marinated red cabbage and steam for 40 minutes on the lowest heat with a lid. It should have a mushy, soft consistency.

Keep stirring and adding broth as needed. Stir in the cranberries, dust lightly with flour, and cover and let sit on a warm plate for 10 min. Salt and pepper the turkey legs, rub with marjoram. Place in a roasting foil, put a small sprig of rosemary on top and roast in the oven for 40 min. at 180°.

Then remove from foil, put in a casserole dish with a grid and pour the resulting juices and some broth over it. Put the whole shallots and 2 cm thick apple slices into the juice. Brown for 10 minutes at 200°C until crispy. Squeeze the tangerines and pour the juice over the drumsticks, continue browning for 10 min.

while watching. Lift out the drumsticks, shallots and apple slices and keep warm. Thicken the sauce with a little cornstarch. Serve the apple slices with cranberries and the red cabbage. Serve with napkin dumplings and glazed chestnuts.

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