Asparagus Ragout

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Total time: 4 hours 40 min
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Prep time: 1 hour
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Cook time: 40 min
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Rest time: 3 hours
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Enough for 3 people

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Since the asparagus spear halves with heads were used for another dish, the half spears are already peeled. They were stored in a very damp kitchen towel in the meantime in the refrigerator.

Boil water (I also like to use boiled peel water, but certainly that from the already cooked top spears) with salt and sugar if necessary, cook the white asparagus pieces in it for 7 minutes and the green asparagus pieces for 4 minutes. Then rinse in ice-cold water, remove and drain on kitchen paper. Cut both types of ham into very, almost tiny, pieces. Melt the flour with the butter in a large enough saucepan (stirring every now and then) until homogeneously combined into a golden mass, add the ham and let everything bubble gently for about 1 minute. Now pour the asparagus broth in small amounts with a soup ladle, keep boiling until a creamy sauce is formed. Then add the cream. Let it simmer for about 8 minutes so that the flour taste disappears.

Season with salt, white pepper, grated nutmeg and lemon juice.

Put in the drained asparagus pieces and let them get hot. We like jacket potatoes with it, but boiled potatoes are also suitable.

📊 Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values per serving:

15 g
15 g
26 g

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