Baked Halloumi

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Total time: 40 min
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Prep time: 40 min
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Enough for 4 people

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The following recipe was created after I have long, unsuccessfully tried my favorite appetizer of an Italian restaurant, which no longer exists, to cook. According to the recipe name, it should be baked mozzarella, but I have never managed to do so, until I once came up with the idea of halloumi … Toast the toasts. Divide the halloumi crosswise into 2 slices.

Mix egg with salt, bell pepper, paprika and coat the Halloumi slices in the egg mixture and breadcrumbs. Fry the breaded halloumi slices in a pan with melted butter.

In the meantime, mix the tomatoes, cream and maple syrup to make a slightly sweet tomato sauce and heat it up (with seasoned pizza tomatoes, you don’t need to add much more seasoning, with simple canned tomatoes, you would still need to season accordingly with salt, pepper, oregano … be seasoned).

On a plate now first spread a ladle of tomato sauce as a base, then in the middle place the toast and on top the baked halloumi. Garnish with fresh basil and serve.

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