Cheese and Leek Sauce

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Total time: 14 min
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Prep time: 7 min
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Cook time: 7 min
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

1 tablespoon Sour cream
some Cheese any leftovers (Edam Gouda slice cheese wedges. cream cheese...)
1/4 liter Milk
1 tablespoon Cress finely chopped
2 slices Ham
1/4 sticks Leek
as you like Herbs chives parsley oregano basil
  Paprika powder
  Salt and pepper ..

🍽 Instructions

This sauce goes wonderfully with gnocchi and other potato dishes. Ideal for clearing out the refrigerator.

Heat the milk and stir in the cheese and melt it, then add the sour cream, cress, leek slices and diced ham and reduce the sauce over low heat, stirring constantly until the desired consistency. Stir in herbs to taste and season with salt, bell pepper and paprika.

📊 Nutrition Facts

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