Chicken and Bell Pepper Wraps with Fresh Salsa

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Total time: 1 hour 15 min
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Prep time: 45 min
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Cook time: 30 min
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

2 Bell bell peppers
2 Chicken breasts
2 large Onions
1 package Cherry tomato
2 Chili bell peppers
3 Limes
  Sweet paprika
  Olive oil
  Freshly ground bell pepper
  Hot paprika
1 small bunch Cilantro greens to taste
2 cups Sour cream
2 packages Wraps

🍽 Instructions

Stuffing : Cut peppers and onions into strips.

Cut chicken meat into strips about the same size as the vegetables. Put everything in a large bowl, mix with a good dash of olive oil, the juice of 2 limes and the spices and let it sit for 5 min. Salsa :

Cut the cherry tomatoes into eighths. Chop the chili peppers and add them. Mix with a dash of olive oil and the juice of one lime. Season with

pepper and salt.

If you like cilantro, add it coarsely chopped to the mixture.

Heat the wok very well and fry the meat mixture in it.

The wok should first be made really hot, so that you only have a short cooking time and everything still remains nice and crispy. Spread some sour cream on the wraps, put meat and salsa on top, roll up and enjoy.

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