Currant Compote

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Total time: 40 min
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Prep time: 40 min
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Enough for 1 person

πŸ“ Ingredients

1 kilogram Currants red or black or mixed
250 grams Sugar fine
200 grams Jelling sugar 1:1
500 milliliters Water

🍽 Instructions

Wash currant, drain, strip from stems.

In a bowl, gently mix with jelling sugar so that they are evenly coated with it.

Cover and let steep overnight in the refrigerator.

Then carefully pour the fruit into jars, evenly distributing the resulting juice.

Boil water with sugar for about 3 minutes, cool and add to the jars, seal tightly. Put in a preserving pot with cold water, heat slowly and – when the water buzzes – pasteurize at 75 Β° for 20 minutes.

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