Exotic Mango Ginger Lassi Kuta Beach

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Total time: 15 min
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Prep time: 15 min
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

90 grams Natural yogurt
50 grams Ginger fresh or frozen
160 grams Mango pulp fresh cold
6 tablespoons Mango syrup
2 Limes fresh
1 pinch Cardamom powder
150 grams Buttermilk ice cold
1 pinch Cayenne pepper
1 pinch Salt
1 tablespoon Agar agar (Nutrijell flavorless)
2 tablespoons Sugar white
200 milliliters Coconut milk creamy (24% fat)
1 pinch Salt
1 tablespoon Lime juice
as you like Mango pulp
6 Ice cubes optional
as you like Paprika powder sweet
2 pieces Limes
2 slices Mangos
as you like Flowers and leaves

🍽 Instructions

Cut both ends of a ripe mango. Peel from top to bottom with a peeler.

Fillet the flesh from the pit. For garnish, cut a piece of the mango pulp into small cubes and cut 2 slices from the fillet. Cut the fresh, washed and peeled ginger crosswise into thin slices. Weigh out frozen goods and defrost.

For the fresh lime juice, wash both limes thoroughly. Since the middle part contains bitter substances that are squeezed free when squeezing with an ordinary citrus squeezer, it is better to proceed as follows: Cut off a piece lengthwise approximately 6 mm to the right and left of the stem base.

Core the sections and squeeze by hand. Discard the empty sections and the center pieces. For the coconut cubes, heat the coconut milk with the remaining ingredients, stirring. Simmer for one minute and pour into a shallow dish.

Let cool in the refrigerator. Cut the solidified mixture into small cubes. Freeze unused cubes in portions. Place all ingredients for the lassi in the blender and blend finely for 30 seconds on the highest speed. Pour into sufficiently large glasses, garnish and serve with straw and long-handled spoon.

📊 Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values per serving:

64 g
310 g
398 g

📝 Recipe Overview

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