Feta Couscous Pan

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Total time: 30 min
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Prep time: 15 min
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Cook time: 15 min
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Enough for 6 people

🍓 Ingredients

1 cup Water or vegetable broth
3/4 cup Couscous 📝 🍽
  Mint 📝 🍽
1 Bell bell pepper
1/4 bunch Parsley 📝 🍽
1 Onion or 2 scallions
as you like Snow peas 📝 🍽
2 tablespoons Olive oil 📝 🍽
1 clove Garlic 📝 🍽
1 medium-sized Tomato 📝 🍽
some Olives cut n.b.
1/4 can Corn n.b. medium can size
1/4 can Chickpeas medium can size 🍽
  Sugar 📝 🍽
250 grams Feta cheese and/or grated parmesan of it less
some Dates cut n.b.
  Salt and pepper 🍽
1 shot Lemon juice 📝 🍽
  Herbs e.g. rosemary thyme chives basil
  Paprika powder 📝 🍽
as you like Chili powder or cayenne pepper
  Cumin 📝 🍽
  Nutmeg 📝 🍽

🍽 Instructions

The cup used as a measure holds 250 ml.

Cut the onion and garlic, as well as bell bell pepper, sugar snap peas. Sauté the onion and garlic in the pan, then add the bell bell pepper and sugar snap peas. Sauté over medium heat.

Add the chickpeas, corn and olives. Then add the tomatoes and season with the herbs, nutmeg, salt, pepper, nutmeg and cumin and sugar. Simmer for a few minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add water, as well as the lemon juice and stir.

Then stir in the couscous and simmer or let sit on low heat for 5 minutes. When the water is absorbed, add the dates, the fresh mint and parsley plucked or chopped a little. While still in the pan, you can grate some parmesan over it as well as spread the feta on top or arrange this on the plate first and then sprinkle it on top. The vegetables can be varied as you like or you can use more of one or less of the other. Also well imaginable is this with roasted chicken. Overall, this dish leaves a lot of room for maneuver and is very easy to prepare.

📊 Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values per serving:

13 g
44 g
18 g

📝 Recipe Overview

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