Hasli Cake

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Total Time Icon
Total time: 45 min
Preparation Time Icon
Prep time: 15 min
Cooking Time Icon
Cook time: 30 min
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

500 grams Dough (cake dough) of your choice
150 grams Hazelnuts chopped
150 grams Hazelnuts ground
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
200 grams Sugar
3 Eggs
1 pinch Salt
  Powdered sugar for sprinkling
1 deciliter Cream
1 tablespoon Flour
1 deciliter Milk

🍽 Instructions

Roll out the dough for a round cake tray (diameter 28 cm). Grease the tray, cover it and prick the cake dough.

Mix all other ingredients to a thick batter and spread over the cake batter. Bake in a hot oven at 180 °C for about 30 minutes.

Make a silhouette of your choice from a paper, place it on the finished cake and sprinkle with the powdered sugar. Remove the silhouette – done.

📊 Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values per serving:

118 g
467 g
281 g

📝 Recipe Overview

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