Herb and Egg Vinaigrette

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Total time: 5 hours 45 min
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Prep time: 45 min
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Cook time: 1 hour
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Rest time: 4 hours
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Enough for 1 person

🍓 Ingredients

1 Meat tomato
3 Anchovy fillets
4 Eggs very hard boiled
1 teaspoon Capers
2 stems Parsley
2 stems Basil
2 tablespoons White wine vinegar
1/2 bunch Chives
  Salt and pepper
100 milliliters Olive oil

🍽 Instructions

Boil eggs very hard, let cool and set egg yolks aside.

Finely chop egg whites, anchovies, capers, basil and parsley. Cut chives into small rolls. Halve tomato, remove seeds and cut into very, very small cubes. Crush egg yolks and whisk well with vinegar, oil and spices. Mix everything and season again. This recipe takes a little effort, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll be happy to make it again and again!

📊 Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values per serving:

10 g
82 g
133 g

📝 Recipe Overview

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