Marengo Pot with Pork

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Total time: 10 min
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Prep time: 10 min
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Enough for 4 people

🍓 Ingredients

2 Onions
1 1/2 kilograms Pork shoulder diced
500 grams Smoked belly diced
1 small can Mushrooms
1 small jar Bell bell pepper strips with juice
1 small can Pineapple pieces with juice
  Salt and bell pepper
1 small can Peas
4 tablespoons Oil
1 tablespoon Curry powder
1 small bottle Tomato ketchup

🍽 Instructions

Marinate shoulder with diced onions and spices and oil and let stand overnight.

Then fry diced belly, add meat and fry with it.

Transfer to an oven-safe vessel (roaster) with a lid. Add peas, mushrooms, bell bell pepper and pineapple. Mix in ketchup and braise in the oven for about 2 hours. White bread is a perfect accompaniment.

Generously calculate portions – guests will love it.

📊 Nutrition Facts

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