Meatballs with Mushroom Ragout

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Total time: 1 day 40 min
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Prep time: 30 min
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Cook time: 10 min
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Rest time: 1 day
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Enough for 4 people

🍓 Ingredients

1 small Onion finely chopped
500 grams Minced beef
5 tablespoons Sweet cream
3 tablespoons Breadcrumbs
1 medium-sized Boiled potato
1 medium-sized Egg
some Ground pepper
1 teaspoon Salt
some Fat
some Ground salt and pepper
500 grams Mushrooms
1/2 bunch Parsley finely chopped
1/2 deciliters Sweet cream
3 tablespoons Cognac

🍽 Instructions

Mix cream with breadcrumbs.

Boil potato, peel, mash and add. Add onion, minced meat, egg and salt and season well with pepper.

Knead everything well and form walnut-sized balls. Heat the fat in a frying pan and fry the meat balls in it for about 20 minutes. Remove and keep warm. In the meantime, clean and slice the mushrooms. Fry them with the meat balls for the last 5-6 minutes, adding a little more fat if necessary, deglaze with cognac and add cream.

Serve with rice or pasta.

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