Pasta with Bacon Cream Sauce

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Total time: 4 hours 15 min
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Prep time: 15 min
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Rest time: 4 hours
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Enough for 2 people

🍓 Ingredients

100 grams Bacon
1/2 bunch Chives
1 cup Cream 200 ml
1 tablespoon Oil or butter
2 Cloves of garlic
1 Onion
as you like Salt and pepper or lemon pepper
some Chicken broth to deglaze
200 grams Pasta variety of choice

🍽 Instructions

Cut bacon, onion and garlic into cubes. Chop the chives.

Fry the bacon in a high pan with oil or butter, when it starts to brown, add onion and garlic and let it sweat again.

Season with salt and pepper and deglaze with some chicken broth and let it boil down a bit. On the side, cook the desired type of pasta in salted water.

I like to use spaghetti but any other type of pasta is of course possible.

Add 1 cup of cream to the sauce and season to taste. Add the chopped chives and let it boil down again. Season to taste and when the sauce is ready, add the pasta directly from the pasta water into the sauce (without pasta water). Please do not drain the pasta before doing this, otherwise the sauce will not be creamy enough.

If the sauce is not the consistency you want, feel free to reduce it again or add pasta water. Then fold in the noodles rather than stirring, otherwise they often do not remain whole. Tip: Decorate with cherry tomatoes and chives. If you like, also sprinkle with Parmesan and then let taste

📊 Nutrition Facts

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