Pickled Eggs Pickled Eggs Sole Eggs

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Total time: 35 min
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Prep time: 20 min
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Cook time: 15 min
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Enough for 4 people

🍓 Ingredients

1 cup Water
3 cups Vinegar (malt vinegar)
12 Eggs hard boiled peeled
1 Red bell pepper
2 tablespoons Mustard
1 teaspoon Salt
1 large Onion
some Pepper - grains
1 tablespoon Sugar

🍽 Instructions

Bring vinegar (I always use the brown, but if you prefer the eggs white later, you can also use the clear) and water to a boil, add onions, the bell pepper cut into rough pieces and the remaining ingredients and simmer, then let cool. Peel the eggs, put them in a large jar and pour the liquid over them.

Close jar tightly and let stand for a few days.

If you use the brown vinegar, the eggs will turn brown, which is a sign that they are good. Here in England you can buy ‘Pickled Eggs’ as a snack in almost every pub (= public house – pub) and with a beer it tastes just divine. At home it tastes best with a slice of rye bread and lots of butter.

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